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Black Rock Spa


Natural beauty is highlighted as you visit The Spa At Black Rock bringing the outdoors into the massage areas. The Spa at Black Rock features 6 indoor treatment rooms ….as well as an outdoor lanai and oceanfront cabana to include a couple’s area.  The spa also include 3 manicure and 3 pedicure stations.

Special blends of oils and lotions from our signature mango/pomegranate line, Cause + Medics CBD line, and local offerings take the forefront in the treatments to amass a truly creative and inspiring experience. These essences encompass the rich history of Hawaii as coconut, kakui nut, tropical fruits blends and CBD services to create a truly aromatic journey.

Pu‘u Keka‘a Hot Stone Massage
It is said one’s soul departs from the Black Rock to the heavens above. In connection with the healing of Pu’u Keka’a, we bring you ‘heaven on earth’ using the energy of warm, smooth, stones to assist the therapist to discover and resolve tension patterns held in the body.
50 minutes $180 • 80 minutes $225

Black Rock Signature Massage
This Customized signature massage combines a wide array of massage techniques to heal whatever your ailment. Allow restoration and rejuvenation to occur as your therapist tailors and focuses on your individual needs. With an exclusive hydrating gel masque rich with antioxidants and applied to the hands and feet.
80 minutes $215.00

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
Lomi Lomi means to "Massage with loving hands" is passed down from generation to engage your mind, body, and spirit in deep relaxation through beautifully flowing, rhythmical, and long strokes. Our guests will experience our special blend of kakui-cococnut massage oil.
50 minutes $165 • 80 minutes $215

Eleu Therapeutic Massage
Get relief needed as your therapist preforms a deep tissue massage that will focus on areas of tension. Our exclusive arnica oil will help alleviate pain and joint stiffness caused by overexertion, or “Eleu (an active) Life style.
50 minutes $190 • 80 minutes $240

Hapai Prenatal Massage
Our prenatal cushions will assist and induce relaxation and comfort as your therapist massages away tired feet and legs, as well as lower back tension. For expected mothers AFTER the first Trimester.
50 minutes $180

Palua Couples Massage
Encourage togetherness with the one you love. An open air treatment room allows the soft sounds and gentle tropical breezes of Maui flow through, contributing to a truly memorable and uplifting experience. Select any two 2 of our featured styles from above to create a custom experience.
50 or 80 minutes (priced per person by style of massage)

Makana Custom Massage
You have a choice of Kukui Coconut or Mango Pomegranate Seed massage oil. Customize your massage by letting your therapist know your areas of focus. Light to firm pressure is used to alleviate tension and induce relaxation.
50 minutes $155 • 80 minutes $195

C+M CBD Sports Therapeutic Massage
Using our Cause+Medics CBD line, from serious athletes to weekend warriors, adding the elements of sports massage to your next session can enhance flexibility and help you recover. Includes CBD scalp massage and spot treatment using our pain cream.
80 minutes $295

Ho‘o Malie O Ke Kai
Heighten your senses with this outdoor massage. The Ho’o Malie O Ke Kai is an outdoor lanai that offers you a view of the Black Rock and ocean. Indulge yourself while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves and feeling the cool, tropical ocean breeze glide against your skin. Enjoy this massage by yourself or with another.
Makana: 50 minutes $145 • 80 minutes $185
Therapeutic: 50 minutes $175 • 80 minutes $200
Lomi Lomi: 50 minutes $155 • 80 minutes $195

Ka La‘ Sun Recovery Massage
This is a healing recovery massage for sunburns. This massage incorporates Absolutely Natural’s Aloe Recovery Gel and After Sun Rosehips Body Lotion. Your therapist will use cool stones to withdraw heat from your sunburn. Your skin will be on its way to wellness.
25 minutes $85 • 50 minutes $150 • 80 minutes $195

Cabana Massage
Relax and unwind at our poolside, ocean front cabana while listening to the soothing sounds of a waterfall and basting in the tropical Maui atmosphere.
Choose from any of our styles of massages:
Makana: Express 25 minutes $70 • 50 minutes $125
80 minutes $165
Therapeutic: 50 minutes $140 • 80 minutes $175
Lomi Lomi: 50 minutes $130 • 80 minutes $170

Add On Services CBD for Any Massage
CBD extract is a powerful antioxidant. CBD is used for chronic pain due to arthritis, sciatica, nerve pain or injury. CBD products are also good for inflammation, muscle spasms, anxiety, psoriasis, dry skin, eczema and acne. As well as improving the quality of sleep and may reduce blood pressure.
Add $40

Hot Stone add on to any of our massages
Add $35

Scalp Massage Using our Signature Blend Oil
$30 / additional 10 minutes

Scalp Massage using CBD Oil
$35 / additional 10 minutes

Hand and Foot Exfoliation
$40 / additional 10 minutes

$75 / 25 minute


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